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Catering & Event Hosting

Celebration Dinners

Birthdays, graduations, retirement, promotions, celebrations of life, and anything else you can imagine. Our full service kitchen can provide the perfect meal to suit your celebration.

Boxed Meal Delivery

Our culinary team can cure the boredom of the same old office lunches. Choose from our satisfying menu options to have your team performing at peak for the second half of their work day.


No two weddings are the same, and we strive to make yours the most unforgettable experience. On or offsite, leave the food to us so you can spend more time enjoying your special day.

Business Meetings

Our full service coffee bar can satisfy even the pickiest of afficianado during your private meetings. Our restaurant location is perfect for your meetings where outside distractions won't be an issue.

Holiday Dinners

Why spend your valuable time with close friends and family arguing over who has to do the dishes? We'll provide everything you need this holiday season to enjoy what this time is really for.

Cocktail Parties

We can provide beer, wine, and wine based cocktail, as well as small bites served by the sweetest southern charmers for up to 80 people.

Info and Pricing

For more information and pricing, please feel free to reach out to us below. Thanks!

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