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Our Vision

Where Family and Friends Gather

Our vision was to create a menu that reminded you of your childhood - it includes our favorites and they're made just the way we grew up eating them.  The Southern Deli is not a traditional deli.  We serve delicious southern fare, including sammiches made on homemade biscuits, cornbread and freshly baked bread.  When you bite into one of our sammiches, we want it to stick to the roof of your mouth.


We try our best to bring you weekly specials.  Our regulars tell us they live for them because they've already eaten everything on the menu.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see our latest specials.


Family Owned and Operated by Apopka Residents

We often hear, "this is the way my mama made it" or "I haven't had kool-aid since I was a kid!"  We love hearing you say that our food reminds you of your youth.  We want you to come back and try everything on our menu. We want to get to know you and hope to gain your trust as a vital community partner. 

We grew up and live in Apopka, FL.  This is our first restaurant and not part of a corporate chain.  We are family owned and operated so your support means everything to us.  


Alex, Christa & David

(as shown)

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