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We're changing our hours!!

Well Goooooooooolly Sgt. Carter! The deli has new hours!!!


Darlin', sometimes you gotta listen to the rhythm of the town and dance to its beat. Our little Southern Deli has decided to trim its hours, not 'cause we're slow, but 'cause we're wise. We're fixin' to serve y'all better, with more heart and soul in every dish. So, come on over when the sun's still high, and let us wrap you in our hospitality like a warm quilt on a chilly night. We may be closing a tad earlier, but we're keepin' the love alive, one plate at a time, for our dear community.With this change, we'll be able to offer more in house catering opportunities, for those of you who want something special for your events. 

New Hours

We really appreciate your business, and hope y'all will continue supporting us when we make our big move to new digs!

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